Activity for Describing Distributions of Univariate Data in AP Statistics

12-frequency-and-histograms-1-4-728I found this activity as part of a worksheet “Module 2 Problems & Activities” from Project Maths . I took problem #2 and turned it into a stand alone activity.

The activity is done in three parts.
1.  Before we do the activity in class, students watch a video at home on “Shapes of Distributions“.
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2. We break into small groups of 2-3 students (Two is better for leading into the third part of the activity.)  I make sure that any students who were unable to view the video are paired with students who did watch the video.  And I try to make sure they know that I am not upset that they did not watch the video.  I have printed the handouts on card stock, cut out the cards and placed then in zip lock baggies. (I keep these sets of cards to use again).  Every student should write all answers to the directions on notebook paper. They will each need a copy of their work for part 3.
Directions for Distributions Cards
Distributions Cards

3. As the groups finish with part 2, I collect the cards, directions and baggies and I send 2 groups at a time together to the hallway where I have already placed a giant stickie note, markers, glue sticks and another set of the distribution cards (this set is already cut out, but is not done on card stock).  The students from both groups compare their findings from part 2 and use the results to make an “Informational Poster”.

If you like this or if you have any suggestions or variations, please comment below. 🙂
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