Foldables for AP Statistics

Foldables are wonderful tools to help students take notes and to help them know what to study when  reviewing for assessments.  I describe them to my students as “concentrated importantness”.

First I must share my secret for printing two-sided foldables.  Print the document one-sided, hold them up to the light back to back, line them up properly and then glue them together.

**I did not create any of these.  I found them online and do not know the identity of the original creators.

Normal Distributions
The Empirical Rule
I love this cut-out foldable for the Empirical Rule (64%-95%-99.7% Rule)
The Empirical Rule Cut Out Foldable

Z-scores/Percentiles/Random Variable X
Flow Chart Foldable legal size

Interpreting and Comparing Percentiles – in context
Compare z-scores and percentiles foldable

Linear Regression
There is a LOT to learn in the unit on linear regression and much of it must be stated “just so” or credit will not be given on the AP Exam.  These foldables help with that.

Vocabulary – in context
Interpret Line Features Foldable
(slope, y-intercept, r and r-squared)

Valentine Data for foldable
Valentine graphs

Computer Output – in context
Reading Computer Output for Regression Foldable
(slope, y-intercept, equation and standard error)

If you like this or if you have any suggestions or variations, please comment below. 🙂
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