Bird’s Eye View Lodge, Crooked Tree, Belize

We took a little 3 night trip to Crooked Tree to do some bird watching and some relaxing. Both of these goals were completely fulfilled.

We stayed at Bird’s Eye View Lodge. It was wonderful.

Every single staff person was so helpful and accommodating.

The owner, Ms Verna and the rest of the staff, Leneisha, Evelyn & Lorena all helped to make sure our visit was perfect.

It was so very quiet, only the peaceful sounds of wildlife. And at night it was so dark, it has been decades since I’ve seen that many stars.

We really liked the walking trails.

Around the village of Crooked Tree…


Everywhere you look, so much color…


We took 3 different birding tours, sunset by boat, sunrise by boat and an early morning walk through the savannah pine forest.

We even went spotlighting for crocodiles.
I added many new birds to my life list. (Check out the ebird app & the Merlin app)

The tour guides, Michael and Rudy were excellent. They were both very knowledgeable and tailored the tours to fit our needs.




But birds were not the only wildlife we saw, there were iguanas and howler monkeys.



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