This STUCK With Me Today

Another new thing that I am doing in my classroom this semester in conjunction with Gamification is “This STUCK With Me Today”.

I got the idea for the poster from several different blogs and Pinterest boards. It is a variation on Ticket out the Door activities.  Then I further adapted it for use with my Gamification Game Plan in an effort to increase the amount of writing my students are producing.  I asked students to post a note telling me something that stuck with them in class, or from the flipped videos.  They only have to write a sentence or two.

To get my students to write even more, I set up an account with KidBlog and I told them,

“Your AP Statistics blogs should include things you struggle with, things you work hard on, cool things you have discovered, amazing insight that has been revealed!
Whatever is in your brain about math or statistics:  your amazing calculator, the crazy AP Stats Guy videos, the Random Event of the Day, the levels and coins for our Statistics Game Quest… whatever it is, put it into your blog.” 

I am fairly pleased with the response to my Student Blog assignment, but many of my students are still not participating.  So I asked them to go read the blogs that their classmates have posted and to leave comments.  (Do you think that they realize that once again I am trying to get them to write, even if it is just a couple of sentences?)

An added benefit from both the blogs and the stickie notes is that I get some feedback from the students.  Many of them are telling me about things that they like in class.  But a few are also letting me know that they are feeling some frustration.  This provides me with a chance to talk to them to ask what I can do to help alleviate their frustration.
Wish me luck… frustration is all too abundant in teenagers these days.

If you like this or if you have any suggestions or variations, please comment below. 🙂
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