Stem & Leaf Plot: A Project for 6th Grade – Advanced Placement

This project is appropriate for students just learning about stem & leaf plots and also for AP Statistics students.  Students collect their own data and use it to make two stem & leaf plots and two corresponding histograms.  The project lends itself to teaching or reteaching using a ruler to measure in fractions of inches or in centimeters and millimeters.  And then the project can go even further to discuss the characteristics of the distribution of the data; the shape, center and spread.

Students collect and measure 40 leaves from a bush or tree at their home.  For high school, have them measure the leaves at home and just bring in the data.  For lower grades, students could bring the leaves to school and learn or review measuring with a ruler.  This could be done as a small group or paired activity.

Since this is a review assignment at the high school level, I assign two flipped videos (Flipped Videos for AP Statistics) to be sure that the students remember the prerequisite skills.  For lower grades, the instruction (or videos) should take place in class.
Stem & Leaf Video
Histogram Video

Stem & Leaf Project Instructions & Scoring Rubric

Samples of student work.

If you like this or if you have any suggestions or variations, please comment below. 🙂
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