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#Wanderer with a #GypsySoul.
Currently living the #IslandLife as an #IslandGypsy.

Us at Vernas party

I like to travel, read, suntan, relax in the hammock… all while in the company of my husband of 35 years.

After 25 years of teaching high school math in the US, I talked my husband into retiring to Belize.  And now here we are, on the tiny island of Caye Caulker.  I’m giving back to my new, adopted community the best way I know how, by volunteering at the local high school.

If you read any of my posts, you will see that I am not much of a writer, LOL. But I like to think that I take pretty good photos, so I lean more toward photojournalism.


  1. Hello! I am not a teacher, but a mere student, I find it fascinating, however, to read about teaching and as a teen who doesn’t really like math, I find it interesting to read about people who do. I am excited for new posts!



  2. Hi Penny, I’m looking up Escape Room ideas for a Girl Scout event my troop is running, and noticed your post. Perhaps I’ll see you at the AP Statistics Reading in Kansas City this June! What a small world!!! =D


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